Privacy & Regulatory Consulting

While PCI DSS has challenges companies for years now companies have to deal with the additional challenges of privacy and data protection regulation.  Over 46 states now have data breach notification laws and several states (Minnesota, and Nevada, for example) have legislated PCI DSS compliance.  Protecting your company requires more than simply complying with the PCI DSS.  It is critical to ensure your company understands the risks associated with storing PII, NPI, PHI and other ‘regulated information’ and how you can mitigate the risk associated with the handling of such data.  Mark Consulting Group has unrivaled expertise in privacy and regulatory compliance.  Our principals have advanced degrees (PhD), as well as relevant certifications (CIPP, CISSP) and real world experience helping companies of all sizes stay abreast of, and comply with, the regulations.  Whether it is SB1386, FACTA, or the Minnesota Plastic Card Security Act, we can help!  Contact us today to see how we can help your organization!