While public speaking is an invaluable sales tool, it is arguably one of the most skills for many people to master and is often terrifying for those not used to speaking in front of crowds.  If your company needs a professional presenter or speaker, Mark Consulting Group can help.  Mark Consulting Group’s principals have spoken at hundreds of events on a range of topics from maritime security risk management, credit card security, mobile technology, physical security, product development, regulatory issues, and more.   Our principals have trained over 10,000 people on 5 different continents.  Our speakers have consistently been hailed as ‘dynamic’, ‘impressive’ and ‘influential’.  Here are just some of the events at which our founders have spoken.

  • Preventing Piracy – Europe
  • Electronic Transaction Association
  • Akamai Convention
  • CSI Annual Convention
  • TAUG Research Group
  • CITGO Annual Training
  • Visa CISP Training
  • PCI DSS Training
  • Utah Technology Council
  • Logic Group
  • South African Security Summit

In much the same way as public speaking, webinars create untold headaches for companies.  Speaking to a silent microphone with no audience feedback can be challenging.  Let Mark Consulting Group provide your company with industry leading webinar expertise!  Please contact us to see how we can provide speaking or presenting services to ensure your company is viewed in the best possible light.