Blog Development & Content

WebLogs or Blogs should be a part of every company’s marketing effort.  Blogs allow you to get news out quickly, demonstrate you are on top of the news, and to communicate with clients, and potential clients in near real time.  When coupled with other social media efforts, blogs can increase website traffic and can increase sales.  Mark Consulting Group has published scores of blogs.  While the principals each have several of their own blogs, we also write professional for a number of commercial clients.   Mark Consulting Group is prepared to create, publish, and maintaing a professional blog for your organization.  Visit some of the blogs our principals currently maintain.

Here is a recent comment on the GlobalRiskInfo blog.


I and several other Operators from (COMPANY), have followed your writing for sometime now. Due to the fact that we find it to be unbiased and very accurate, we continue to follow it. I don’t know your background, however you are very thorough and appear to consider as many aspects or points of view as possible on the subjects you write on. Your work is greatly appreciated… Keep up the good work….

Chief of Global Operations