Custom Articles & Content

Few things demonstrate your company’s expertise like the publication of an article.  Once published, an article will be searchable by major search engines and will demonstrate to your clients that you are confident, capable, and possess expertise.  For many people writing can be a difficult and daunting chore.  The thought of having their writing published and criticized in public domain is enough to keep many would-be authors from attempting to publish.  Mark Consulting Group is here to help.  Our principals have published over 100 articles in the past 10 years.  We are happy to write a custom article designed specifically to project professionalism and expertise.  Below are some examples of articles our principals have published: (it should be noted that we only included articles published under the principals names.  Ghostwritten articles are not included).

Archives of Dr. Heather Mark’s articles can be found here.

The Mark Consulting Group is ready to write a custom article for you or your company!  Contact us for rates and turnaround time!