Website & Collateral Content

Creating a “sticky” website that attracts potential customers can be difficult.  Understanding link placement, media, and other elements is often a difficult proposition.  Occasionally companies try to compensate for a lack of content with rich media, and other ‘tricks’.  Telling clients, and potential clients about your company and services in a brief, concise manner is critical.  For companies struggling to develop relevant, descriptive content Mark Consulting Group can help.  We have years of experience in both enterprise level marketing groups as well as in entrepreneurial environments.  Whether your budget is large or small, we can help you develop content for your site and help you with your marketing needs.

A website is only part of the challenge.  Products and services need collateral such as datasheets or sell sheets.  The content and messaging on the collateral should match that of your organization’s website.  Again, Mark Consulting can help.  While traditional marketing firms can provide layout and language, Mark Consultants have years of experience working in a variety of industries.  We understand how to articulate products in the same language your clients are speaking.