A whitepaper is:  “…an authoritative report or guide that helps solve a problem. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions, and areoften requested and used in politics, policy, business, and technical fields. In commercial use, the term has sometimes come to refer to documents used by businesses as a marketing or sales tool.” (Wikipedia)

Whitepapers, when correctly written, can be invaluable marketing and sales tools.  Whitepapers should fulfill at least one of two functions.  First, they should demonstrate ‘expertise’.  Whitepapers are perfect for showing your clients that your company employs smart, educated people.  Second, they should convince the reader of some point.  The paper may be designed to sell them on one particular aspect of a technology or to demonstrate the value proposition of a business process.    Below are some samples of various whitepapers written by the principals of Mark Consulting Group.  While whitepapers may need to be updated from time to time, a well written document can be used for years.  There are several companies that still use papers written in 2005 by Dr. Heather Mark.

Mark Consulting Group has written scores of whitepapers for numerous companies.  There are Silicon Valley technology companies that have whitepapers written by the Marks.  As a professional writing group Mark Consulting is more than happy to ‘ghostwrite’ for the CEO, COO, or any other person in the organization.

Below are some examples of whitepapers written by Mark Consulting’s principals.  Some have been redacted or otherwise modified for publication on this site.

In addition to whitepapers, Mark Consulting Group is prepared to author articles for your company, as well. Please visit articles written by Mark’s principals here.